The Radio Authority has fined XFM for failing to live up to its Promise Of Performance...

The Radio Authority has fined XFM four thousand pounds for failing to comply with its Promise Of Performance, upholding over 280 complaints received about the station.

The Authority said that they welcomed recent programming changes at the station and would be monitoring its output before reviewing its output again at a meeting early in 1999.

The RA received complaints about the music policy of the station moving towards the mainstream since Capital Radio took over in August. There were also complaints about the station’s failure to broadcast live sessions, a weekly review, job vacancies or interviews which, according to the RA, have now been reinstated.


The RA’s powers under 106 of the Broadcasting Act 1990 require it to impose “such conditions as appear to the Authority to be appropriate for securing the character of the licensed service.” The RA now considers that the station’s present output conforms to the Promise Of Performance, but will nevertheless continue discussions with XFM about its musical direction.

The Promise Of Performance, the basis on which the broadcasting license was granted to XFM, reads: “The licensee shall…provide a specialist music format of ‘Alternative Rock’ music defined as innovative, youthful, generally guitar-led, modern rock with attitude, featuring artists generally outside the mainstream.”

More than 500 people hurled abuse at the offices of London’s Capital Radio on Saturday (October 10) in an angry protest about it’s treatment of XFM.

A petition containing the signatures of thousands of XFM supporters from all over the world was handed in to Capital by the Llama Farmers.

Lead singer Brooke told NME: “Us and a lot of bands like us owe a lot to the old XFM, but now it’s not playing any new bands. It’s just not alternative anymore. We’ve just got to keep protesting to make a change.”

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