All your fave journos - plus our crucial and wholly exclusive 'who do you want to share your tent with ' vote

Filmed at Glastonbury – the journos from NME give their opinion on Glastonbury some incisive and some, well, drug-addled and stupid.

But you can see for yourself:

[url=]Tommy Udo – bands beginning with B. Everlast. Queens Of The Stone Age. dEUS. Pavement.


Anthony Thornton live with Keanu plus views on Hole.

[url=]Johnny Cigarettes – he saw no bands, got his knob out, hates drummers and saw space houses, giant spoons, eggs

John Robinson on: The Delgados, Keanu and fruit.

David Stubbs thinks it’s 1971. We think it’s the drugs.

Glastonbury[/a] way and he wants us off his land.

Anthony Thornton with bands of the festival and views on REM.


[url=]Steve Sutherland – back in the office on Michael Eavis.

See this week’s NME for the 16-page special on Glastonbury with all the bands from the main stages reviewed plus Johnny Cigarettes on not seeing any bands and David Stubbs on 1971.

So you’ve seen their views – which of these luverly fellas would you want to share your tent with? Vote here

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