But so do crime figures...

As of early this morning there had been over 1200 incidents reported to police at Glastonbury, mostly thefts from tents.

The final tally will be announced later, but figures show a sharp increase in crime on previous years which police and organisers are putting down to the weather.

“It’s been easier to get around the site and it’s been easier to get there,” said a spokesman for Avon & Somerset police. “And people have been out of their tents leaving them unattended, despite the advice that they were given.”


Medical emergencies were rare; one man suffering from burns was helicoptered offsite on Friday, though most emergencies were minor.

“A few people went out too long in the sun without sunscreen, there were sprained ankles, and a woman in labour, though that was a false alarm,” said one of the medical volunteers.

But overall reactions to Glastonbury 1999 from festival goers and local people has been overwhelmingly positive.

Comments from people leaving the site last night ranged from “the best ever” to “heaven on earth”.

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