Sunshine to make a surprise appearance at this year's festival?...

DJ‘s John Peel and SARA COX are among the first celebrities to arrive at this year’s GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL, where organisers remain “optimistic” that the event will be a success despite inclement weather so far. has been on the festival site at Worthy Farm, Pilton for a number of hours, where strong and persistent showers have left standing water in many of the lower lying regions of the site. However, in the last few minutes the clouds have cleared to reveal blue skys and sunshine.

Speaking exclusively to, a spokesperson for the festival said: “We’re really optimistic. I haven’t seen anybody who hasn’t been enjoying it so far. I don’t think this bad weather is going to lastif you look out now you can see some blue sky!


“It’s fingers crossed. We did a new drainage system two years ago and that seems to be working and the site as a whole is draining well”

When asked if he had any advice to festival goers about to set out for the weekend, he added: “If the weather is putting anybody off, just don’t worry because tomorrow it is going to be lighter showers and Saturday and Sunday is going to be top weather!”

Fans also seem optimistic that conditions will not become as bad as in previous years. One fan told “I went to both of the really muddy festivals, two years in a row, and it doesn’t seem that bad yet. We got on site at about lunchtime today and the site was green, all the main walkways are brown now. That said, everyone seems better prepared this year, which is a good thing.”

In other precautionary measures, the areas immediately in front of the Main and Other Stages have been roped off to try to avoid the fields becoming more waterlogged.

Fans have been arriving on site at a steady pace throughout the day, with estimates ranging between 30-50% of fans having arrived already. Celebrities already on site include Glastonbury stalwart John Peel, in knee length wellington boots and waterproof jacket, and a smiling Sara Cox, also prepared for the weather in wellington boots.

Festival organisers are still refusing to reveal who the ‘special guest’ scheduled to play second on the bill on the Pyramid Stage tomorrow night (Friday) is, only saying: “It will surprise a lot of people, and is appropriate now.”


The three day event, which officially kicks off tomorrow is headlined by Chemical Brothers, Travis, and David Bowie and features a variety of other acts including Moby, Pet Shop Boys and Muse. will be bringing all the news and reviews first.

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