Jonathan King records song about Harold Shipman

Convicted paedophile provokes anger of Shipman's victims’ families

Convicted paedophile and former pop svengali Jonathan King has recorded a song sympathising with serial killer Dr Harold Shipman.

The video features King singing in a studio booth, and a montage of pictures of the serial killer, who committed suicide in jail in 2004. He was convicted for killing up to 260 people over a 23-year period, while practising as a doctor.

A video for the song, ‘The True Story Of Harold Shipman’, has been posted on You Tube

In the song, King suggests that Shipman was a victim of media discrimination. The lyrics include the lines: “Police will inflate and the law says it’s fine to accommodate tabloids with a solid headline/But a real psycho monster who’s killing for fame would leave notes for acclaim to establish his name”.

Other lines include: “Some people will sigh when they’re waiting to die/Won’t you please speed it up as I’m starting to cry/There’s one thing he ain’t and that’s saviour or saint/But a pleading complaint didn’t pass him by”.

Barry Swann, whose mother was murdered by Shipman, condemned King’s song. “I just can’t comprehend his point of view,” he told the BBC. “It’s sensationalist rubbish and he’s put this out because it’s easy for him to do so in his position.”

Responding, King released a statement claiming the song was “not really about Harold Shipman. It’s about the tendency of the media, the police and the CPS to inflate and exaggerate in order to get convictions and headlines and circulation and ratings increases”.