Let the sunshine in...

“Thank God for the rain…” Travis Bickle

Day two of the Glastonbury Festival got off to a bleary eyed start as the sunburned and hung-over crawled from their tents and were joined by thousands more who, by early afternoon made much of the site a gridlock of bodies moving between stages.

Ticket sales had reportedly been down on previous years but the good weather prompted a second wave of ‘impulse’ festival goers, ignoring warnings to stay away if they didn’t have tickets.


Backstage Jarvis Cocker wandered around, sheepishly avoiding cameras but graciously giving autographs and posing for photos with fans. Later he was spotted singing ‘Saturday Night’ in the backstage karaoke. No Noel or Liam and the really big stars like Stipe and Courtney were helicoptered off site without “hanging out” in the gossip factory.

As the day went on the rain clouds gathered overhead finally letting lose during Travis‘s set on the Other Stage. The day ended with sets by the Manics and Orbital and a feeling that despite the rain, everyone had gotten off lightly.