Jailed Death Row boss may be freed this year...

MARION ‘SUGE’ KNIGHT could be freed from jail later this year after the California Court Of Appeal overturned his nine-year sentence. Knight is two years into the jail term, imposed after he violated probation for a previous felony by taking part in the beating of a man on the night TUPAC SHAKUR was shot to death.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the court has ordered a new probation hearing for Knight, clearing the way for him to go free.

“Given the amount of time that Mr. Knight has been in custody, we are all confident that the court will impose a new sentence that will allow for a virtually immediate release,” Suge Knight’s lawyer, David Kenner, told the LA Times.


Knight was put on probation in 1995 for attacking two rappers in a Hollywood studio. The California Court Of Appeal ruled that a plea bargain entered in connection with the probation order was invalid. Death Row Records is currently under investigation by the FBI amid allegations of money laundering, tax irregularities and claims that it was set up using money raised from drug- related activities.

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