Eyewitness report from the frontline of rock'n'roll..

The NME Premier Tour kicked off last night at Glasgow’s QMU.

Featuring Shack, Les Rythmes Digitales, Campag Velocet and Coldplay, the tour continues around the country for two weeks before playing the final night of the week-long London Premier Shows at the WC2 Astoria on January 30.

Click here fot the nme.com Premier Tour website.


First up in front of the capacity crowd were relative newcomers Coldplay. Among the new tracks played from their forthcoming debut album, due out in May, they also performed proposed new single ‘Shiver’. Elated frontman Chris Martin said after the show: “It was the beginning of our big mission for the year 2000. Before promising, “Our album’s going to be the biggest thing in rock!”

Pete Voss of Campag Velocet overcame a flu-like bug with the help of “a lovely crowd” (Voss) to play a rousing set comprising most of last September’s ‘Bon Chic Bon Genre’ album. The LP’s title track and forthcoming single, ‘Vito Satan’ (out on February 7), were the best received of the night.

Les Rythmes Digitales brought the strobes and multicoloured disco lights and, of course, the matching futuristic boilersuits – pink for the Roller Girl-alike Jo Reynolds, blue for frontman Jacques Lu Cont, sporting recently dyed raven locks. ‘Jacques Your Body’, ‘Hey You (What’s That Sound)’ and ‘Music Makes You Lose Control’ gradually enthused the crowd into a bopping frenzy. Lu Cont commented later: “The gig was fantastic. A very good strong Glaswegian crowd as always. It started off lukewarm, went tepid and then got hot at the end!” He also promised new outfits in time for the Leicester show on the 21st.

Such was the anticipation surrounding Shack‘s set, that messrs Coldplay, Campag and LRD forewent post-gig dressing room recovery and instead took their places along with the rest of the crowd front of stage; Pete Voss even proudly sporting a Shack T-shirt. The set consisted largely of, not unexpectedly, last year’s acclaimed ‘HMS Fable’ album, with, in particular, ‘Natalie’s Party’, ‘Comedy’ and forthcoming single ‘Oliver’ received with hushed awe.

Speaking in his dressing room later, Mick Head said: “It was beautiful. Really nice. I got bang into it straight away because I had a big load of mushrooms first. Which is nice.”

See the continued magic of the NME Premier Tour as it calls at Leeds Metro University (January 18), Newcastle University (19), Leicester De Montfort University (21), Manchester University (22), Sheffield University (23), Cardiff University (25), Bristol University (26), Oxford Brookes University (27), Norwich UEA (29) and London Astoria (30).