Last pre-millennium Glasto pulls record crowds and bathes in sunshine...

They’re pouring onto the site at Worthy Farm in their thousands, some veterans of the past two years bearing stout wellies and ex NATO biohazard suits, though the problems that the festival goers face this year is sunburn and overheating. The land has been baked dry and strewn with gravel in an effort to improve drainage, though it’s unlikely that the heatwave will break before the weekend is out.

“It’s 1994 all over again,” one scarlet faced punter informed

There’s a down side in that reports of crime and arrests are up with over 80 people being arrested in the two days leading up to the festival before a note had actually been played. At ground level people are talking about a spate of thefts from tents and cars.


But the spirit is positive with most people determined to have a good time and anticipation of the year’s most impressive line-up – everything from Hole and R.E.M to Queens Of The Stone Age and Mogwai by way of Lonnie Donnegan and the Peat Bog Fairies. Add Gay Dad twice. Starspotting thus far has been disappointing, but milling around backsage so far are John Peel, Gay Dad and impressive lookalikes of Brian Molko and Patti Smith.

We’ll bring you reports from the site as it goes off from what promises to be the festival of the year.