Next week nme.com will set up a special site for you to post your own Glastonbury reports and photos...

Every week do you screw up your copy of NME and snarl “I bet the writer wasn’t even at that gig” when an NME journo says something you vaguely don’t agree with? Do you know that you can do better? Do you have something to say that you don’t think is being said?

After the Glastonbury Festival is over, nme.com wants to run your reviews, photos and memories of the Glastonbury Festival. We’ll set up a mini site on Monday June 27 so that you can let us all know what YOU thought.

If you can’t go – don’t worry we’ll be bringing comprehensive coverage of the whole weekend whether we get sunburnt or – gulp – rained on.


Meanwhile, visit our festivals minisite for all the info you need on this summer’s sitting in a field experience including line-ups, long range weather forecasts, message boards, and clever satellite weather photos that show where the clouds are.

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