The star says that doctors were "very close to committing me to a mental hospital"...

TRICKY has spoken of a rare illness that almost destroyed his career.

Speaking in an interview in the current issue of Uncut magazine, available on June 7, the Bristol rapper said that doctors were “very close to committing me to a mental hospital”.

Tricky has been diagnosed with an extreme form of the illness, candida, which creates inbalance within the body. He expained: “[The doctor] said I was allergic to sugar and bread and stuff. It breaks down your immune system and then it affects your mind and causes paranoia, stress and insomnia.”

Following his diagnosis, Tricky was told to remain on a strict diet avoiding bread and sugar to keep the symptoms at bay.

He said:”I thought I was schizophrenic and the doctors were very close to committing me to a mental hospital. I was about to jump out of a window. I needed out and I didn’t know how to get out.

“I’d walk down the street and think I heard people calling my name. Depression, mood swings, temper tantrums – you name it, I had them.”

Tricky said that he even considered getting himself arrested, so he could go to prison where he would find help.

He continued: “I thought I would come back to England (from New York) and shoot someone in the leg, so I could get caught and go to prison. My world had grown so dark. I thought if I was in prison everything would slow down, my life would stop and someone would come and help me.”

Tricky releases a new album, ‘Blowback’, on June 25 via Epitaph.