Pakistani singer Amjad Sabri shot dead in gun attack

The singer died after he was shot by the Taliban in Karachi

Pakistani singer Amjad Sabri has died after he was shot dead in a gun attack.

The 45-year-old singer, who is considered to be one of the most famous musicians in Pakistan, was killed after a gunman opened fire on his car as he travelled through the southern city of Karachi.

Sabri was a leading figure in Qawwali, a devotional form of music that’s practiced by followers of Sufism, a Muslim movement known for religious tolerance and mystical teachings.

But the movement is viewed as heretical by the Pakistani Taliban, who have since told the BBC that they were responsible for Sabri’s death.

Police say that he died after being hit by five bullets, while another passenger, believed to be a relative, was seriously wounded and remains in a critical condition.

Tributes for Sabri have since poured in from some of Pakistan’s most prominent cultural figures, including Bollywood actor Ali Zafar – who claimed that the singer had previously applied for protection.

He wrote on Twitter: “No words. This is extremely sad, disturbing and unacceptable specially since he had submitted an application for his protection! #AmjadSabri”

Film director Mubasher Lucman added: “Amjad Sabri’s murder has come a rude shock for all.”

The Pakistani Taliban have been blamed for previous attacks on Sufism, with Sabri’s death coming only a year after he was charged with blasphemy for mentioning the Prophet Mohamed’s name in a song.