The Loaded football team are destroying all comers in the V98 Celebrity Football as we write. Not surprising as they feature two former professional footballers, Stan Bowles and Paul Walsh. TV’s Brookside team were the first to taste defeat, losing two nil in the early stages. Brookside[/I]’s Mike Dixon told NME.com[/I]. “We’re all like headless chickens. The second game Paul Walsh put one through me legs. Watching Walshy and Bowles is amazing. They’re old blokes but they just don’t lose it. Hopefully we”ll be playing OAPs in the next game!”

Former Sheffield Wednesday star Bowles was kinder to his soap star rivals, saying, “They’re not bad for actors! I suppose”

Steve Lamacq (pictured) meanwhile, in goal for a Melody Maker[/I] team that featured Will from Symposium showing considerable talent up front was not having a good day, having let in two goals against West London’s Cobden Club team.


“I’m missing Colchester versus Fulham just up the road for this.We were stuffed by the bill and we’ve got the Fans team next and I’m not hopeful, they look very handy! We’re all wheezing journalists!”

Melody Maker[/I] are ensured of one win. The Wombles (Yes!! That’s th_e Wombles!!)[/I], their oponents in the next round, haven’t turned up.

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