The gig in Manchester is a triumph for the Britpop refugees...

ECHOBELLY played their first show in over three years in MANCHESTER last night (May 29).

The band, who have been silent since 1997’s ‘Lustra’ album, have launched their own record label Fry Up, and just released their fourth album, entitled ‘People

Are Expensive’.

Kicking off their comeback UK tour, they played Manchester Hop & Grape to a near capacity audience. The majority of the set came from the new album, which was released on Monday. Although met with demands for 1995 hit ‘Great Things’, the only singles the band played were ‘King Of The Kerb’, The World is Flat’ and ‘Dark Therapy’. Otherwise, the band played B-Sides ‘Sleeping

Hitler’ and ‘We Know Better’, as well as 1994 album track ‘Father, Ruler, King, Computer’.

During the show, singer Sonya Aurora-Madan wore jeans and a skinny black T-shirt. When an audience member shouted “I love you Sonya” she responded, “I love you too, even though I don’t know you.”

The band, who now comprise Aurora-Madan, guitarist Glenn Johannson and drummer Andy Henderson along with a touring bass player and keyboardist, have spent the interim period trekking across the Himalayas and fighting a court battle with their former accountant.

On the eve of the tour, Sonya Aurora-Madan told NME.COM about the split with Sony. She said: “We didn’t want to go in the direction they were pushing us – very pop orientated – and we wanted to do something that was more true to ourselves. It was maybe brave or crazy to get off the whole corporate wheel and start doing it ourselves. We lost the plot, went travelling and came back and started writing. We’ve managed to do it, I don’t know how – get an album together and do everything ourselves, started a record label and here we are now about to do our shows.”

Echobelly release a new single, ‘Tell Me Why’, next month through Fry Up.