Sacrifices made to appease angry rain gods...

Weather experts are predicting a summer heatwave lasting into early August, giving fans a mud-free Glastonbury Festival this year, and fine weather for the rest of the fest season.

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According to meteorologists at British Weather Services, there will be 90 days of hot and dry weather this year which will reach its peak in July and last well into August. While they don’t guarantee a rain-free three months, the experts claim that an analysis of weather patterns over the past 100 years show that the wet summers of 1997 and 1998 will mean that we are now due a period of sunny weather.

Advertisement will be keeping an eye on the weather in the run up to Glastonbury and other festivals this year, soliciting opinion from meteorologists and less orthodox weather predictions.

Do you have corns that play up when it’s going to rain? Would you be prepared to put money on a heatwave this year? Will you be packing wellies and a cagoule or sun screen and some skins when you set off for Glastonbury? Tell us what you think. Post a message on Angst