He's going underground...

Alan McGee‘s new label is to be called Poptones after a track on PiL‘s 1979 album, Metal Box.

The former Creation boss who announced he was quitting the label he has run for 17 years, said the label will be “a merger of old-school indie ethics and the internet” and will not be courting success.

“We’re creating a new underground, I won’t be playing the game,” he says. “But the idea’s so strong, I can’t fail.”

McGee, talking to Uncut magazine, enlarged on his vision for a multi-media based venture label, a film company, an art gallery and a website-linked radio station. The new venture will centre around the internet said McGee: “There’s some fucking great ideas – downloads, webcasts and a load of things that haven’t been done before. I’ve got a lot of tricks up my sleeve.”

Several Creation artists, including Trashmonk will move to the new label. Although McGee doubted if Kevin Rowland would make the move because “Kevin likes the wider marketing thing. Poptones is anti-marketing.”

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