CREATION RECORDS will soon be selling their releases over the Net...

CREATION RECORDS, the home of Oasis(pictured), Super Furry Animals, TEENAGE FANCLUB and THE BOO RADLEYS, have announced plans to set up an on-line mail order service before the end of the year.

Creation Records spokesman Andy Saunders said the label would have it ready in time for the Christmas rush, though no exact date has been set.

He said it was hoped the website would be able to offer all of the label’s back catalogue, aswell as new releases.


Saunders was cautiously optimistic about the website offering records cheaper than on the high street, though it was too early to tell.

“There is an inbuilt price increase put in by retailers. Because it’s not going through them we would presume it would be cheaper. But we don’t know – there could be new overheads that we’re not aware of yet.”

Once the site is up and running, computer buyers will simply punch in their credit card details, which will be sent to a special on-line distribution centre. It’s hoped the orders will then reach customers in only a couple of days.

However, the service is only available to people in the UK and countries without a Creation licensee. Customers in countries serviced by Creation’s international partner Sony will not be able to use the service for the forseeable future, though Saunders said he hoped it would be made available later.

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