Grunge goes supernova ...

Two years on from Tony Wilson‘s Yank-baiting comments at the US New Music Seminar, and America has its revenge as grunge goes supernova and R.E.M conquer the airwaves.

Gone: Shaun Ryder is well gone for most of the next few years. Baggy is dead as dressing like a tramp becomes the new sartorial statement for the kids.

Album of the year: Automatic For The People – REM

Single of the year: Weekender – Flowered Up

Band /Artist of the year: REM

1992 belonged to: America and all her miserable, Prozac Nation-toting, screw-up, heroin-chic kids.

Key event: Morrissey bottled offstage at Finsbury Park after dancing with a Union Jack, while Cornershop burn posters of the ex-Smith outside his record company. The ghost of the Eighties exorcised again, even if dubious nationalism would rear its ugly head later on. Despite the release of Flowered Up’s classic hedonist’s anthem ‘Weekender’ and the establishment-scaring drug jingle ‘Ebeneezer Goode’ from the Shamen, the glory days of Madchester seem decades past as the Mondays limp back from drug hysteria with their lacklustre ‘…Yes Please!’ record.

General feeling of gut-juddering doom is reinforced by the fact that the Tories somehow win a fourth term, and the Wedding Present decide to release a single a month for the next year. Despite claiming that they would split up after releasing their debut album, the Manics give us ‘Generation Terrorists’ and then proceed to turn into Bon Jovi. Ice-T is hounded by Charlton Heston as Body Count put out ‘Cop Killer’, while in Britain there’s a hint of what’s to come, Britpop-wise, as Suede‘s gigs and singles send ripples of excitement through the music press.