All life is here, from The Mr Men to Haircut 100...

First record you can remember

‘Let’s Go To Misterland’ – The Mr Men

“I think everyone lies about this choice – they ignore their


pre-teen pop career. This was my first record. It even had Windsor

Davies singing ‘The Bump Song’ on the B-side. There was also the

theme from the Ragtime show. They weren’t y or charty, it was a

small sub-cult, a pre-teen thing. Nowadays it’s been corrupted into

legalised aural paedophilia – the equivalent would be the new Billie



Song that reminds you of school

‘House Of Fun’ – Madness

“They had the attitude, didn’t they? It’s difficult to pick one song

that represents your whole time at school, but Madness sum it up

best, innocuous songs with a secret subtext. It sounded like jolly

circus music to your parents but you knew it was about buying your

first s. Plus the video was great.”

Record That You Fell in love to

‘The Belle album’ – Al Green

“I absolutely love the title song and I go all queasy when I hear

it. It’s about God which is odd but as a result I can see myself

getting heavily into Christianity one day. Though I understand Al’s

a horrible fundamentalist now.”

Heartbreak Song

‘Ooh Child’ – Valerie Carter

“She’s a country & western singer from America and the song plays at

the end of the great teen movie, Over The Edge when all the kids are

bussed off to a detention centre. The greatest happy sad record I’ve

ever heard.”

Record That Evokes The Greatest Summer Of Your Life

‘Pelican West’ – Haircut 100

“Adam and I were both big fans of ‘Pelican West’ and it still stands

up. The jangly guitars and bongos on ‘Fantastic Day’ never fail to

bring summer to life.”

Record For a Night On The Tiles

‘Gettin’ Jiggy Wit’ It’ – Will Smith

“I think this was invented and written by aliens from a superior

universe. It never fails to make me get jiggy with it. There’s a

great bit of scat singing at the beginning and the sample sounds

better than the original.”