Funk balls, seemingly a sexual version of musical chairs, have resulted in a number of teenage girls falling pregnant and one contracting HIV...

Authorities in BRAZIL have launched a crackdown on a dance craze sweeping the country that has led to teenage girls falling pregnant and contracting HIV.

Funk balls, which began 20 years ago, but have seen a revival in popularity, thanks to television and media coverage, are based around the idea of musical chairs.

Girls, wearing microskirts, often with no underwear, dance around, before sitting on boys’ laps when the music stops, mimicking sex acts.

According to [url=] in the UK, a police blitz, codenamed Operation Funk Ball, has been ordered by Rio family court judge Siro Darlan, after it emerged a 14-year-old girl had become pregnant and tested positive for HIV, the virus which causes Aids, after attending one of the balls.

Judge Darlan is planning criminal proceedings against the girl’s parents and the organisers of the funk ball where she claims she became pregnant.

Vera Larouche, director of a Rio-based charity, has claimed to know of at least eight more teenage girls who became pregnant after having sex at one of the dances. The youngest girl was 12 years old, and the eldest 16.

Police will now patrol the city’s funk balls.