The highly-controversial radio series is to be issued by the Warp label...

CHRIS MORRIS‘ controversial radio series Blue Jam is finally set to be released on CD for the very first time.

As well as being something of a unique event in its original broadcast slot on Radio 1, this represents something of a departure for the normally exclusively musical Warp label. “All the people over here have been fans for a long time,” explained a spokesman for the label. “It was long process getting it licensed – it’s taken over three years. His musical taste is very well-informed, however, and he was quite open to the kind of stuff that we do here.”

“We’re not looking at it just a Warp record,” added the spokesman. “It’s much wider than that. It’s a thinking person’s comedy album.”

The show, which was originally commissioned and broadcast in the wake of MorrisChannel 4 current affairs satire show ‘Brasseye’, represented one of the first spoken word programmes on Radio 1 for quite some years. Featuring a collage of ambient tracks from the likes of Labradford, Brian Eno and Aphex Twin, the electronic music acts as an atmospheric backdrop to Morris‘ increasingly surreal sense of humour. The album, a compilation of the best sketches from the original Radio 1 broadcasts, also includes a number of skits on famous Radio 1 DJs. “The Chris Moyles one is a killer,” said the spokesperson. “They’re all there – Mary Anne Hobbs, Steve Lamacq, Jo Whiley. It’s a surreal vision of that DJ.”

However, the possibility of Warp branching out into light entertainment in a big way remains unlikely. “It’s a one-off; we’re still very much a music company,” said the spokesperson. “Because he’s such an original he seemed like one of our artists. He’s a bit of a maverick.” Blue Jam is released through Warp on October 23rd.