GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL organisers say people who booked with their ticketline will receive their tickets despite delivery hold-ups...

GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL organisers are assuring anyone who has booked with their telephone ticketline that they will receive their tickets, despite a delay in delivery.

The organisers had promised to deliver tickets within ten days of orders being placed but, due to problems with the automated ticketline, some deliveries have taken up to a month. A spokesman for the festival, which takes place from June 26-28, explained that this year 50,000 tickets (half the number available) have been bought through the ticketline, more than ever before, which had caused distribution problems.

He advised anyone still waiting for an ordered ticket to “hang in there” and said organisers would go to any lengths necessary to ensure customers got them in the end. “In previous years, we’ve driven to people’s houses personally to deliver their tickets, or met them from the train when they got here to make sure they got them,” he said.


He added that people who have still haven’t received their tickets from the ticketline should ring 0117 988 4781. Anyone still wanting tickets should call 0839 668 898, an information line set up by Glastonbury organisers listing which UK outlets still have tickets available.

For Glastonbury event information see NME Festival Guide.

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