More Millennium secrets...

Where will you be spending New Year’s Eve?

“At home in Maryhill, Glasgow.”

What do you feel about the coming of the new Millennium?

“It means nothing to me. If you go by the Egyptian calendar it’s actually 6236. Or by the French Revolutionary calender it’s only 208. I’ll go by the French Revolution.”

Favourite invention of the last 1000 years?


What hasn’t been invented yet that should have been?

“Cloning would be good so I could clone me several times. Then I could do 12 interviews in one hour instead of having to do 12 in one day.”

You have 90 minutes before the Y2K Apocalypse. What’s on your stereo?

“Probably a compilation of all my favourite people, and my mates’ favourites as well. So it would probably be Paul Weller and Massive Attack.”

If we survive, how will you celebrate New Year’s Day and what will your resolutions be?

“New Year’s Day I will be recovering, without a shadow of a doubt, so there’s nothing really going on that day. And I’d just like to become a better person, actually.”