Just when you thought Garage had taken over...

Just when you thought UK garage had taken over – LONDON had its largest illegal rave in years this weekend in the normally peaceful area of TOLWORTH near KINGSTON in the south-west of the city.

The party began in the early part of Friday evening (1 September), and was attended by an estimated 2,000 revellers over the weekend, many of whom apparently had made the jaunt from France on the Eurostar. Although details remain uncertain as to exactly which London soundsystems were involved, reports suggest that at its height there were at least three separate soundstages in operation.

It is understood that police attempted to turn the ravers back as they arrived on Friday evening, but retreated when the revellers threatened to stage the event in the town centre if they were moved on from the Tolworth green belt site. Over 1,000 complaints were received about the event over the weekend, with one man apparently threatening to shoot the revellers if the party continued. No arrests have yet been made.

Although the party had wound down by Monday morning (4 September), around 30 vehicles and some tents still remained at the Tolworth site. One man is reported to have claimed that “some people were talking about getting the sound system together from the bits lying around and having another go,” though it is thought that this was somewhat of an optimistic appraisal.