Bowie unleashes his Ziggy Stardust persona...

With news dominated by the events of Bloody Sunday in January, when 13 Catholic civilians were killed in by British soldiers during a demonstration in Derry, it was Paul McCartney of all people who put his thoughts on record, only to have the record banned. ‘Give Ireland Back To The Irish’ was deemed “too controversial” for the airwaves. He further proved himself to be the real Bad Boy of The Beatles when he was arrested on drugs offences later in the year.

Gone: “Little” Jimmy Osmond only had one hit, the ghastly ‘Long-Haired Lover From Liverpool’ but the squeaky little pre-teen lingered for weeks at Number One, with all right-minded boys yearning intensely to punch his lights out.

Album of the year: Exile On Main Street – The Rolling Stones

Single of the year: ‘Virginia Plain’ – Roxy Music

Band/artist of the year: David Bowie 1972 belonged to: David Bowie, The Osmonds (ask your Mother, make her blush) Key event of the year: Bowie unleashes his Ziggy Stardust persona Elsewhere, glam rock was beginning to make serious pop inroads, with Roxy Music, T-Rex and David Bowie, sending grandparents into apoplexy as they switched on their television sets for Top Of The Pops only to be greeted by a generation of garish woofters from outer space.

The real hysteria, however, was being created by David Cassidy and Mormon Jackson 5 soundalikes The Osmonds, who moistened the gussets of legions of 14 year old teenybopper girlies every time they flew into Britain. In the face of all this, “serious” rockers kept snootily aloof from the fray. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Genesis and Yes all got pompier as pop got sillier.