The Beatles split at last, with McCartney replacing Lennon with Linda....

The Beatles split at last, with McCartney replacing Lennon with Linda. The void they left was filled by a spate of dubious “supergroups” including Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Blind Faith, each forming and disbanding as a new generation of megastar musos serially failed to get along with one another. Black Sabbath emerged, their bat-chomping antics to have many dub them Birmingham’s answer to Beelzebub. Led Zeppelin‘s continued rise, however, demonstrated the devil had all the best tunes. Rotten year for Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, both of whom OD’d and died.

Gone: Deep Purple provided the last word in Spinal Tap-style pomposity with their Concerto for Group & Orchestra. “We’re as valid as anything by Beethoven” said keyboardist Jon Lord. Said Beethoven, “Pardon?”

Album of the year: Led Zeppelin III

Single of the year: Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon & Garfunkel

Band/artist of the year: Led Zeppelin

1970 belonged to: Led Zeppelin, the Summer to mutton chop-whiskered Mungo ‘In The Summertime’ Jerry

Key event of the year: Paul McCartney files a write against ‘The Beatles co’, seeking a dissolution of The Beatles partnership. Simon and Garfunkel split too but ended the decade on a glorious high with ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’. Differences, in musical inclination, in personality and in height, however, drove them apart. Overall, 1970 was not a vintage year, as if the loss of The Beatles had left popsters like sheep without shepherds. The NME pollwinners’ concert that year featured the following – Blue Mink, Brotherhood Of Man, Lou Christie, Edison Lighthouse, Juicy Lucy, Marmalade and The Pipkins.