The Summer Of Love....

The Summer Of Love. The Beatles released ‘Sergeant Pepper…’ and ‘All You Need Is Love’ and everybody went to San Francisco with flowers in their hair. Unless they were going to Vietnam, that is.

Unbelievable year for albums…The Doors‘ eponymous debut and ‘Strange Days’, Pink Floyd‘s ‘Piper At The Gates Of Dawn’, Frank Zappa And The Mothers of Invention‘s ‘We’re Only in It For The Money’, Love‘s ‘Forever Changes’, ‘The Velvet Underground And Nico’, ‘Electric Music For Mind And Body’ by Country Joe And The Fish, ‘Disraeli Gears’ by Cream, ‘Are You Experienced?’ and ‘Axis Bold As Love’ by Jimi Hendrix, ‘The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter’ by The Incredible String Band, ‘After Bathing At Baxters’ by Jefferson Airplane and ‘Younger Than Yesterday’ by The Byrds

Record of the Year: Where to begin? Anything but ‘A Whiter Shade Of Plae’ by Procol Harum


Album of the year: ‘The Velvet Underground And Nico’The Velvet Underground And Nico

Band Of the Year: The Beatles, again

1967 belonged to: Peace, love and happiness, man

Key event of the year: Psychadelia kicks in full time

Gone: Brian Wilson would never be the same again Otis Redding played for the love generation at the Monterey Pop festival but was dead months later, at Alexandra Palace the who’s who of swinging London’s pop aristocracy turned out for the 12 Hour Technicolour Dream at Alexandra Palace, London’s biggest psychedelic happening. At the UFO club, The Pink Floyd, The Soft Machine and Dantalion‘s Chariot brought an increasingly weird British twist to psychedelia.

There were disappointments: The Stones were uncomfortable with all the hippy dippy stuff and ‘Their Satanic majesties Request’ was a bit of a dayglo mess. And poor old Brian Wilson went ga ga trying to make ‘Smile’

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