In every dream flight a panic - Bryan Ferry speaks about hijack attempt...

Pop veteran BRYAN FERRY was caught up in the mid-air hijack drama aboard a BRITISH AIRWAYS 747 jumbo which a crazed attacker who stormed the cockpit tried to crash en route from LONDON to NAIROBI yesterday (December 29).

The attacker, who attempted to grab control of flight BA2069 and crash it in an apparent suicide mission, was overpowered by crew and the jet landed safely.

The former Roxy Music frontman was on the flight with his wife Lucy, and children Otis, 17, who is believed to have filmed the incident on a video camcorder, and Isaac, 14. He was pictured in today’s press (December 30) in the cabin of the aeroplane near the front, as the hijacker was bundled out along the gangway by flight staff.

Ferry is reported in the Sun newspaper to have said: “I have done a lot of flights in my life but the one to Nairobi was the most eventful. I’m relieved. I woke up thinking we were going through bad turbulence, and I think we were on the third dip when I thought about what was really happening.”

The incident happened six hours into the flight. Ferry added: “I had taken a pill to help me sleep when I was suddenly woken up. I saw the crew battling to subdue this man. I was very frightened.”