The Creation Records founder talks to NME about Oasis and his plans for the future...

ALAN MCGEE has spoken to NME about his decision to quit Creation Records, his plans for the future and his relationship with Liam Gallagher, following the singer’s recent outburst against the record company boss.

McGee also revealed that the last album to be released by Creation would be Primal Scream’s new ‘Exterminator’ album, out on January 31, and that he plans to help Sex Pistols svengali Malcolm McLaren in a bid to run for London mayor.

Speaking to NME last Thursday, McGee said he expected the new Oasis album, ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’, to come out on the band’s own label. He also refuted suggestions that his decision to leave the label was a result of quarrels with Sony, Creation’s parent label.

He said: “Oasis were perfectly happy to be on Creation. It’s just the way it’s happened that we just basically don’t want to carry on with the label any more.

“There’s no acrimony between me and Sony and there’s no acrimony between me and Oasis. That’s just everybody looking for an angle.

“The only angle is I just got bored running a corporate fucking record company which Creation had ended up becoming and I want to go back to having six people and doing it in an unconventional way.”

McGee likened recent times at Creation to “like running fucking Railtrack” and said: “It’s nothing to do with the bands, I love the bands, I just want a change. I’m 39, I need a change.”

McGee said that he’s patched up any problems with Liam after the singer told the Sunday Mirror that he “hated” him.

He said: “I’ve spoken to him since then and that’s not the situation. Liam’s an emotional guy, that’s why I love him.

“He was upset at first that I was going, but I spoke to him that weekend and we’re 100 per cent cool with each other. I’m sure that if you speak to him now he’s totally accepted it.

“It’s true, they don’t need Alan McGee to be successful, they’ve just sold out Wembley. Whether I’m at the helm or not doesn’t make one piece of difference now, they’re a massive superstar band.

“I think their new album is really good. There’s about six really great songs on it and four others that I think are really good.”

McGee is now working with Creation co-founder Joe Foster on four new ventures, mainly on the internet. It is not known what fellow co-founder Dick Green will be doing.

McGee is planning 30 new releases for next year, taking in his Internet site, [url=], and including new bands, reissues and film projects.

He said: “It’s not going to be long-term, six-album contracts – it’s the opposite of all that. It’s one-offs, it’s reissues, it’s music on the run, it’s terrorist action.

“At the moment, the record contracts are 1970s, six-album deal record contracts and the people who love music are getting squeezed out by the multinational record company route and it’s being run by lawyers and accountants. I want really maverick, inspired people.

“The most exciting place is the left-field and the technology thing will catch up. What we’re doing is a radical departure from a record company, but in two years’ time we’ll be the blueprint.”

Of his plans to help McLaren run for London mayor, McGee said: “If Malcolm McLaren stands for mayor then I’ll probably become his campaign manager and he’ll get a Creation sort of record number. It’ll be CRE 2000 and we’ll back Malcolm to become mayor for London. His policy will be 10p on the tubes for mohicans.”

McLaren revealed this morning on London radio station GLR that he intended to stand for mayor as an independent candidate, and that many of his policies were focussed on helping the homeless.

Another of his policies included making alcohol available in libraries.