Courtney Love has demanded return of Nirvana and Hole memorabilia from the "idiotic" Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame...

COURTNEY LOVE has slammed the ROCK N ROLL HALL OF FAME and demanded that all of NIRVANA and HOLE?s memorabilia be returned by the museum.

According to reports in the New York Times yesterday (December 21), she sent a telegram to the Hall saying: ?Any of my stuff you stole, I want back immediately. This includes any of mine or Kurt?s [Cobain, late husband and Nirvana frontman] clothes, guitars or debris that you scavenged for. I hope that no-one I know is ever incdluded in your idiotic Hall of Fame.?

According to, the Hall organisers and Love?s spokespeople have both been unavailable for comment.

Among the acts nominated this year are Aerosmith, Queen, Michael Jackson, Paul Simon and Steely Dan. The bypassing of legends including Patti Smith, Lou Reed and New York Dolls has led to heated debate in the States over the Hall?s validity.