'Everybody' takes the most prestigious prize in European pop...

ESTONIA were the surprise winners of this year’s EUROVISION SONG CONTEST, with the UK entry not even making it into the Top Ten.

The Baltic nation, who will now host next year’s event, won the 46th contest, which took place last night (May 12) in Copenhagen’s Parken Stadium, Denmark.

The winning song, ‘Everybody’, sung by Tanel Padar and Dave Benton,achieved 198 points, beating the host nation’s ‘Never Ever Let You Go’ by Rollo And King, which achieved 177. The win was Estonia’s first ever in the contest, which started in 1956.

Unfortunately for the UK viewing public, Lindsay Dracass’ ‘No Dream Impossible’ only managed 28 points, which corresponded to 15th place.

The annual Eurovision Song Contest allows 23 countries to enter their best pop song, with each member country then voting for who they consider best. Hundreds of millions of people watch the show across the continent each year.