The software provider pledges to ensure neo-Nazi music does not hit the net...

NAPSTER AND BERTLESMANN, the name behind industry Goliath BMG, have pledged to work with German authorities to prevent Nazi groups from using the online file sharing application.

In a statement issued yesterday (December 20), Andreas Schmidt of Bertlesmann’s new e-commerce group said: “The sharing of neo-Nazi ideas by Napster users to glorify violence is a violation of Napster’s Terms of Use. Bertelsmann’s e-commerce group will work closely with the criminal prosecution authorities to the best of its ability.”

His declaration came after a statement from the Constitutional Protection Office, the office responsible for enforcing Germany’s laws against incitement to racial hatred, under which much neo-Nazi music is banned.

According to, office spokesperson RĂ¼diger Hesse said: “Napster offers today the platform for neo-Nazi music worldwide. I can easily download any title that’s on the index of banned music to my hard drive and burn compact discs of it. The biggest problem now is that everyone can access it.”

Napster and BMG stunned industry watchers on October 31 when they announced a partnership to develop a fee-based music downloading service.