New signings to label feature Alan McGee's wife...

Creation boss ALAN MCGEE has just launched the latest star on his record label – his wife.

Kate McGee, 32, previously one of ’80s sub-Cocteau Twins combo Frazier Chorus, is signed to Creation as part of the duo Technique, along with other member Xan, 25.

They released their debut single, ‘Sun Is Shining’, on March 29 and will release an album of “electronic pop” later in the year. It features the guitar playing of Ash‘s Tim Wheeler and was produced by Owen Morris – who has previously produced Oasis, The Verve and Electronic – and Stephen Hague, who has worked with the likes of Pet Shop Boys and New Order.


Creation’s press office were swift to assert that Technique had been signed on their own merits and that there was no nepotism, despite the fact McGee has previously released an album by his father and published his uncle’s memoirs.

A spokesperson said Kate had been signed to the label before she married McGee five years ago, when she fronted an ambient outfit called Scuba.

“To suggest Kate is only on the label because she’s his wife is just sexist. Kate‘s a musician and we want her to be judged on the context of her music. It’s irrelevant who she’s married to.”

Another new Creation signing, Mishka, is the brother of Heather NovaKate McGee‘s best friend. Creation said McGee first heard Mishka on a Caribbean island during his honeymoon.

An act of tawdry nepotism or another example of McGee’s knack for mythmaking? Tell us what you think. Post a message on Angst!

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