Ex label boss says that Oasis will eventually quit label because they no longer need one...

ALAN McGEE has confirmed that Oasis will depart from Creation Records, though a spokesman for the label said that they weren’t about to go in the near future.

Speaking in an interview with The Guardian newspaper today, McGee said that the band would leave at the end of their record contract because they no longer need a label.

“All they need is your e-mail address and then they can sell you a CD for #10 directly,” he said.

The band’s next album ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’ will definitely be out on Creation; they are also contracted for three more releases, though since the future of Creation Records is still undecided, now that McGee has announced that he will leave in June 2000, it’s too early to say that any future releases will be on the imprint.

McGee also said that the rest of the bands on Creation should quit at the end of their contracts if they’ve got “any clue whatsoever”.

McGee famously extolled his vision of a post-record company future in the NME and has obviously been frustrated by the confused and haphazard reaction of the music industry to all the issues raised.

He has said that his new venture will be a multi media empire that will embrace a wider spectrum of interests.

“The way that I perceive the future is having a record company, having a publishing company, having my internet start-up companies, having a film company and having a management company,” he said. “The future for me is multi-media.”