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Last year it was all Manics! Manics!! Manics!!! The year before that, all Verve! Verve!! Verve!!!

So who will it be in 1999? Welcome one and all to the last NME Readers Poll of the millennium.

When you send us your votes this year, you will not only be participating in the world’s most famous music paper Readers Poll, you will not only be choosing the artists who will be honoured at the NME Premier Awards for their top work over the last 12 months, you also have the chance to tell us who you think are The Greatest Of All Time.

So at long last here’s your chance to get it off your chests. The Beatles Vs Oasis. Bob Marley Vs Fatboy Slim. Stereophonics Vs Abba.

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And to make the process even more essential, our old friends at Virgin Megastores have thrown in #1,000 worth of CDs to be won by one lucky voter chosen at random from all your entries. What more encouragement do you need? Vote now!