The 'Buffalo 66'actor is now on the same label as Aphex Twin - wonder if they'll collaborate...

Actor and director VINCENT GALLO has signed to the WARP RECORDS label, home of APHEX TWIN, NME.COM can reveal.

Gallo will release an album of self-penned songs in Spring next year through the label, but no song titles have been confirmed as yet.

The actor is no stranger to making music, having written and performed the soundtrack to his cult film ‘Buffalo 66’ which he also wrote, directed and starred in.

Gallo was also in a band called Grey with New York graffiti artist Jean Michel Basquiat, as well as performing as a hip hop artist called Prince Vince in the early electro scene. Recently, he formed a band called Bunny with fellow actor Lucas Haas – child star of ‘Witness’ and later ‘Mars Attacks!’.

A spokesperson for Warp Records told NME.COM: “We were all fans of ‘Buffalo 66’. We thought the fact that he did the film and wrote all the music was amazing. The music goes so well with the images.”