It would seem that Warren Mitchell, aka Alf Garnett is as grumpy as his legendary character in real life...

ALF GARNETT, aka WARREN MITCHELL, is threatening Hard House stable TIDY TRAX with legal action from lawyers representing the veteran actor.

The action has come as a result of the label using an image of Mitchell as Alf Garnett – star of legendary UK sitcoms’Til Death Us Do Part’ and ‘In Sickness And In Health’ – on a flyer for their Christmas party.

“At Tidy Trax, we like to play things down,” explained a spokesperson from the label. “So rather than shouting about how brilliant our party is going to be we chose to use a picture of Alf Garnett looking pissed off with the sarcastic slogan. . . . ‘I can’t wait’.”


The label have been forced to remove all of the images from their website pending continuing legal wrangling, despite the fact that the label claim to have purchased the rights to the photograph from a photographic gallery.

“We are big Alf fans, so we are gutted that Warren didn’t see the funny side,” admitted the label, before concluding that “it would appear that Warren Mitchell is as grumpy as Alf in real life!”

The Tidy Trax Christmas Party takes place on December 22 at The Mezzanine in Wolverhampton.

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