Channel 4 refuse to allow the release of a song featuring samples of the comedian's catchphrases...

ALI G, this week’s NME cover star, is at the centre of a legal wrangle over the release of a song featuring samples of the cult comedian’s catchphrases. BBC Radio One DJ Dave Pearce is keen to release a track called ‘Rude Boy’ through his Nu Life label. Channel 4 are refusing to release the samples, which include his famous ‘Check Dis’ catchphrase, lifted from the popular ‘Da Ali G Show‘.

Pearce is understood to be keen to release the track in time for the Ibiza season. It is felt ‘Rude Boy’ could become one of this summer’s biggest hits on the holiday island.

But five weeks into discussions no breakthrough has yet been found.

Pearce is reported in today’s (April 28) edition of The Sun newspaper in the UK as saying: “It’s a great idea and it would sell by the bucketload. But they’re not budging at the moment.”

Channel 4 could not be reached this afternoon for comment and the nature of their refusal is not known.