Michael Eavis comes under fire as a new report claims 100,000 people forced their way into this year's event for free...

GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL organiser MICHAEL EAVIS could face prosecution after a new report claims 100,000 people forced their way into this year’s event without tickets – 80,000 more than first claimed.

Compiled by a group of Glastonbury councillors led by Jim Mochnacz, the report says that “the viability of the festival may be seriously undermined” if nothing is done to prevent an ever-increasing stream of non-ticket-holding festival-goers coming into the festival.

Referring to the recent Roskilde tragedy where nine people were crushed to death, the report states: “Prosecution of festival organisers should be considered this year for serious and ongoing lapses in perimeter fence security and failure to control significant numbers.


“With towards 200,000 people on site, the health and safety implications and dangers are too great to continue ignoring. The deaths in Denmark should be a stark warning to us all.”

Back in June, Eavis admitted to nme.com there had been a shortfall in security measures and pledged to build a #1m ‘super fence’ to keep ticket dodgers and criminals out.

Come September, he and his team will have to face West Mendip District Council to report on how his new security measures are developing. If the council is not satisfied then the future of Britain’s most famous festival could be cast into doubt.

Eavis has dismissed the report as “pure fantasy” and has disputed the 100,000 figure.

He told nme.com: “I don’t know what he (Councillor Mochnacz) is talking about. I don’t know where he’s getting his numbers from really – it’s a personal opinion of his. I’m not worried because he’s not in a position to make any judgement about it really.”

Eavis is confident that by next year’s festival, all security problems will be solved.


He said: “The super fence is going well. It’s 17 feet high; you need a crane to take it down.

“It is going to be impossible to get through next year, definitely.”

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