Neil Hannon, Shaun Ryder, Tony Terrorvision and a Regular Fry wax lyrical(ish) at the NME Premier Review aftershow party... dodged security and got exclusive interviews with stars at the post-premier party as they got drunk and generally behaved like fools.

Coming soon Shaun Ryder exclusive interview.

Click here for video interviews including Massive Attack and Michael Eavis from the premiere of the NME Premier Review


Click here to download the Real Video player, you’ll need it to watch the clips talks to NEIL HANNON

Neil Hannon on the success of his new single, what his next album and touring with Robbie Williams

Click here for transcript talks to TONY from TERRORVISION

Tony on having a number two single, being a member of the Tequila society, being a rock star, what the next single is called, a special message for Internet users and more…


Click here for transcript talks to RICH from REGULAR FRIES

Rich from the Regular Fries talks about Kula Shaker, Bruce Springsteen and takes the piss out of the Internet.

Click here for transcript

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