Creation boss wants to take over BBC's London local radio station...

Creation Records boss Alan McGee has offered to buy Greater London Radio (GLR) for #20 million, in an attempt to prevent the BBC from changing the format of the station from a mainly music based format to a speech-led news and information service.

As previously reported, McGee has been an oustpoken critic of plans to change the station’s format.

Writing in today’s Guardian (Monday October 18), McGee states: “(GLR) is inspired and so refreshing in contrast to the anodyne, playlisted world of commercial radio. I, and thousands like me want something different, and we get it through GLR.”


Going on to openly criticise the BBC for the lack of marketing funds for the station, and accusing the head of regional programmes for London and the south east as talking “patronising, irritating, evasive waffle” in recent interviews, McGee invites the BBC to sell him GLR, saying “I hereby issue and invitation to the BBC to sell me GLR. I could easily raise a consortium to find the #20 million or so needed, and I’ll run the station with a proper marketing budget and with the vision so sadly lacking from the cooperation. I’ll keep the station’s ethos exactly the way it is and I’ll guarantee it’ll be a success.”

The BBC have not yet responded to McGee‘s offer.

It is well known that the Creation boss is looking to branch into radio; earlier this year he was behind a bid in Scotland to launch an alternative station for the West Of Scotland.

“I hope the BBC call my bluff,” he said.

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