We celebrate our Fatboy Slim-headlined Ken Livingstone benefit gig with a Ken cover for London only...

NME is to have a regional split cover for the first time in its 48-year history this week to mark our Fatboy Slim-headlined gig this Thursday which aims to raise funds for KEN LIVINGSTONE’S campaign to become London Mayor.

While the rest of the UK gets Modfather Paul Weller as the cover star, London dwellers get Ken re-enacting our celebrated Fatboy Slim cover from April 1998, where Norman Cook displayed his turntable skills.

Ken, who’s running as an independent candidate to become London Mayor and has now been expelled from the Labour Party as a result, answers readers’ questions about what exactly his policies are for the capital, and why NME readers should vote for him on May 4.

The Weller cover outside of London marks our exclusive interview inside with the Modfather to celebrate the release of his new album, ‘Heliocentric’. Apart from the cover shots, the content of each NME is identical, with both editions featuring the Paul Weller and Ken Livingstone features.

To prevent any Weller fans in the capital missing out on having their hero on the cover, NME has teamed up with London’s Oxford Circus HMV to make it possible for readers in the capital to obtain both editions. From tomorrow, (Tuesday April 11) the shop will have 200 copies of the Weller cover as well as the London only issue.

Also, there have been some late additions to the NME-backed ‘All Back To Ken’s’ benefit concert which takes place at the London WC2 Astoria this Thursday (April 13), and is now sold out.

The bill now features Jon Carter and Tall Paul join Paul Oakenfold, Fatboy Slim and Darren Emerson in the main room, while Gilles Peterson, Coldcut‘s Jonathon Moore, Tom Middleton, Layo & Bushwacka and Scanty Sandwich in the back room. All the artists will provide DJ sets on the night for free.

The final running order in the main room is:

9-10pm, Paul Oakenfold

10-11pm, Jon Carter

11-12pm, Fatboy Slim

12-1am, Darren Emerson

1-2am, Tall Paul

In the back room the running order is:

9-10pm, Gilles Peterson

10-11pm, Jonathon Moore (Coldcut)

11-12pm, Tom Middleton

12-1am, Layo & Bushwacka

1-2am, Scanty Sandwich