Far-right British National Party target 'scroungers mecca' of Glastonbury for campaign...

THE GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL is being used by the British National Party (BNP) to spark prejudice among locals against music fans to win votes in forthcoming elections, anti-fascist groups are claiming.

The right-wing and racist BNP is currently targeting areas around the site of the Somerset festival with a poster campaign headed: “It’s time for the authorities to clean up Glastonbury“, featuring a cartoon of a ‘crusty’ with a dog on a string.

The campaign claims Glastonbury is a scroungers’ mecca’ complete with ‘producers of filth and squalor that seem to be present whenever you come across the adherents of this so-called ‘alternative lifestyle”.


And while the BNP claims it isn’t directly targeting the upcoming Glastonbury Festival (June 25-27), one local anti-fascist campaigner, who didn’t want to be named, claims the party is waging a campaign of fear to win votes for local elections on May 6 and European elections on June 10.

The campaigner said: “I think the BNP presume locals will judge every book by its cover when it comes to individuals who embrace the so-called ‘alternative lifestyle’. They think that playing on people’s fears will earn them a few extra votes.”

But a BNP spokesman denied the link and said the posters were referring to ‘traveller/alternative types’ who lived in the Glastonbury area all year round. He said: “We think anti-fascist types are people with very low IQs. People accept the festival, it’s a fun thing, local shopkeepers have a bit of a boom and they’re happy. What they don’t like is the people who scum up the town for the rest of the year.”

An angry Michael Eavis, organiser of the festival, criticised the BNP campaign and said there was no problem in the area with travellers. “It’s all a thing of the past,” fumed Eavis. “I don’t know what they’re talking about. There’s a few unemployed people there, but there are anywhere. They (the BNP) pick on a minority group and try and whip up a bit of hysteria but it’s not going to work.”

Meanwhile, the Glastonbury Festival ticketline has just been announced. From April 1, you can call 01159 129129 for tickets. All calls are charged at the national standard rate. An information line will also be set up on 09067 080808 with all calls being charged at 50p a minute. Organisers say they expect tickets to cost around ’85.

Are you pissed off that the BNP think that Glastonbury is “fun”? Do you think they have a point or are they just whipping up hate campaigns against any ‘outsiders’ that they can find? What should be done? Tell us what you think. Post a message on Angst!


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