No-one's ruled it out and evidence is accumulating...

THE SEAHORSES split has sparked rumours that The Stone Roses might reform, especially in the wake of the Happy Mondays‘ comeback.

Shaun Ryder and Bez‘s band are known to be getting a huge financial incentive for their comeback and interest in their dates was so vast that tickets sold out in an hour and extra shows were added in Glasgow and Brixton.

nme.com‘s Angst board has been host to rumours speculating that the Roses will reform and play this year’s Glastonbury Festival along with the Mondays.


Former Roses bassist Mani, now with Primal Scream, added further credence to the idea. Currently supporting Roses tribute band The Complete Stone Roses on dates around the UK as their official tour DJ, Mani told Irish website Muse: “Some musicians really resent the idea of other people making money out of their music in a nostalgic context. At the end of the day… it’s only fuckin’ music and you can’t be too precious about it.”

Mani has also recently been in close contact with Roses drummer Reni, who is not believed to have ties with any other band. Brown also appears to have put behind him the feud with Squire which was the beginning of the end for the Roses.

In a recent interview with iD magazine, Brown said: “John‘s a great guitar player. One of the greatest. I don’t want John playing flat or dull songs. I don’t associate his playing with those feelings. I’d like him to come out with a great record again.”

Nothing is known of the whereabouts of original Stone Roses dancer Cressa.

A spokeswoman for The Seahorses said that there was no word from Squire as to whether the Roses reunion rumours were true. She said: “He’s not mentioned anything like that. But people will make that assumption and always speculate because they have these romantic notions about the Roses.”