Royce 5'9", who collaborated with Marshall Mathers on 'BadMeetsEvil', has hooked up with DJ Premier...

EMINEM’s sidekick, DETROIT MC ROYCE 5’9″, has been speaking about his underground hit single ‘BOOM’ and revealed that he is in negotiations with INTERSCOPE over plans for the release of his debut album.

Royce, who was responsible for the title track from the horror-spoof film Scary Movie, released a single with Eminem last year, titled ‘BadMeetsEvil’, and the pair have plans to record and album together. They met at an Usher concert before Eminem signed to Interscope and hit it off instantly.

Now signed to Game Records, having parted ways with his former label Tommy Boy, Royce said the album, as yet untitled, will be produced at least in part by DJ Premier (aka Primo), who was at the controls on ‘Boom’. It is likely to be released through Interscope.


He said: “I hooked up with Primo through Tommy Boy. We talked on the phone and I told him the concept of the song, and he came back with the beat. The beat matched perfect, so we laid that down.

“Then he was like, ‘Okay, I’m feelin’ you, so I’ma give you some different shit, we’re gonna go in a whole ‘nother direction on the next song’. We went in and did ‘Boom’.

“Before I even heard the beat, I had a lot of thoughts gathered. Once I heard the beat, I was like, ‘Let me make the rhyme and the beat a marriage.’ And I had a lot of punchlines jotted down. Pulled my rhyme sheet out and pieced them all together. I wrote that song quick. It wasn’t really a concept, it was straight lyrical shit.”

Royce will appear on the forthcoming ‘Lyricist Lounge Vol 2’ album.

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