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Question: What do you get if you cross spectacular effects with dozens of amazing stunts mixed with the intense gameplay and high-speed action only possible with the new Sega Dreamcast Console?

Answer: Trickstyle, the coolest new game around where players race on hover-boards through astounding futuristic cityscapes of London, New York and Tokyo, pulling off slick stunt tricks to win and backed by a soundtrack by Kurtis Mantronik.

Mantronik, known for his influence on New York’s mid-eighties music scene, was at the forefront of Hip Hop at a time when skate and graffiti culture were consuming every kid in the Big Apple – and so feels at home on the new game.

Trickstyle is released on 14th October and to celebrate the launch of this fantastic game, has teamed up with Acclaim Entertainment to offer readers the exclusive chance to win one of the new Sega Dreamcast systems , worth #199 and a copy of the game itself plus ten runners-up will receive a Trickstyle T-shirt.

Click here to enter now by answering the unfeasibly easy question. Closing date is 18 October.

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