Many are using the software provider's website noticeboard to call for a boycott of traditional record shops...

Napster users are outraged at yesterday’s (July 26) court order that could effectively close down the file swapping software provider – with many using the Napster website ([url=] noticeboard to call for a boycott of traditional record shops.

Napster, in my opinion, was the best thing that ever happened to the music industry and I for one… will be sad to see it go,” said one user reflecting the general mood.

His posting went on: “Until they realise that Napster is good, not bad, I refuse to buy another CD sponsored by the RIAA or the artists that support the RIAA.”

The call to boycott shops in opposition to the Recording Industry Association of America‘s victory was also a popular one.

“Thank you Napster for saving me money by allowing me to sample music before I rush out to buy the CD’s. However, with the greedy record companies shutting you down, I pledge to boycott all CD stores and not buy a single CD for the next 12 months,” said one, while another added that “in doing so, we will send a powerful message to these money grubbing [sic] record companies that we cannot be taken for granted and to punish them for calling everyone here a ‘pirate’.”

The majority of messages posted have also been keen to point out that being introduced to new music through swapping MP3s online, they were encouraged to buy more, not less, CDs.

Yesterday’s order gave Napster until midnight tomorrow (July 28) to find a way of removing any copyrighted material it’s users may swap. Napster head to the Court of Appeal in San Francisco today to fight the ruling. They held a brainstorming session through the night to work out they new actions. They even invited users to email suggestions.