Steve Miller slams Rock and Roll Hall of Fame straight after being inducted

Miller hit out at the lack of female inductees and at a lack of respect for artists

Guitarist Steve Miller (of the Steve Miller Band) has hit out at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame just minutes after being inducted into it in Brooklyn last night (April 8).

Answering questions in his post-induction interview, Miller criticised the lack of female inductees (there were none in 2016 and only Joan Jett in 2015), before criticising the award show for a lack of respect. Miller also hit out at his own treatment from the show, claiming he was given only two tickets and would have had to pay $10,000 to get any more.

“The whole process needs to be changed from the top to the bottom. They need to get their legal work straight. They need to respect the artists they say they’re honouring, but they don’t,” he said.


Miller also prevented a press officer from cutting him off, responding to the attempt by saying “No, we’re not gonna wrap this one up — I’m going to wrap you up … This is how close this show came to not happening, because of the way the artists are being treated right now.”

Listen to 1976 single ‘The Joker’ by the Steve Miller Band via YouTube, below.

Alongside Miller, Cheap Trick, NWA and Deep Purple were amongst the acts inducted into the Hall of Fame last night.

At the ceremony, David Byrne, Kimbra and The Roots performed a tribute to David Bowie, collaborating on a live performance of his track ‘Fame’.

The ceremony also saw NWA hit back at Kiss vocalist Gene Simmons, who had previously complained about their inclusion.


MC Ren responded “I want to say to Mr. Gene Simmons that hip-hop is here forever. We’re supposed to be here.”