Leonardo DiCaprio is turning ‘Captain Planet’ into a movie

'The power is yours'

Leonardo DiCaprio looks set to remake classic ’90s kids’ show Captain Planet as a movie.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that Paramount have approached Jono Matt and Scream Queens star Glen Powell to write the script, after the rights to the show lapsed while Sony were working on a similar project.

Oscar-winning actor and environmentalist DiCaprio is heading up the project. The ‘Titanic’, ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ and ‘The Revenant’ star is currently promoting new film ‘Before The Flood’ – which sees him travel the globe to explore and reveal the true impact of global warming.

Fittingly, Captain Planet was a superhero who entrusted a group of humans as ‘Planeteers’ – giving them magic rings and encouraging them to ‘take pollution down to zero’ with the slogan ‘the power is yours’.

Last week, the tracklist for the soundtrack to ‘Before The Flood’ was unveiled – scored by Trent Reznor and Mogwai. Meanwhile, DiCaprio came under fire from Donald Trump his support of Hilary Clinton – claiming he’s ‘not hot any more’.