David Cameron refuses Ellie Goulding’s request for meeting to discuss homelessness

The singer is a patron of a charity that supports homeless women

Ellie Goulding has revealed that she was rebuffed by Prime Minister David Cameron when she asked for a meeting to discuss homelessness with him.

Goulding was acting in her role as patron for the Marylebone Project, which provides 112 long- and short-term beds for homeless women, as well as providing education, employment and training opportunities to support users of its service into independent living.

The 29-year-old, who has previously spoken out about the London borough of Hackney’s treatment of homeless people, said she and the chief executive of the Marylebone Project, Mark Russell, received a “standard letter” informing them that the Prime Minister didn’t have time to see them.

Speaking to The Mirror, she said, “We genuinely just wanted a chat to see what his view was on it. We’re not trying to confront him. Mark reached out to talk about the recent housing bills and received one of those standard letters, so I don’t know whether he even saw it or not.

“I’m sure he gets loads of requests,” she added. “Maybe he’ll get back to us now. I can’t say at this point that he’s not interested, as I don’t know if that’s the case. It might be that he’s looking for an opportunity to do something.”

According to The Guardian, a spokesman for Cameron has declined to comment.

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In June 2015, Ellie Goulding attacked London’s local councils for their treatment of the homeless. Writing on Twitter, Goulding called out the London borough of Hackney following a public space protection order that had come into effect in the area the previous month. The PSPO aims to crack down on anti-social behaviour including sleeping rough and begging. Those in breach of the order could be issued with a £100 fixed penalty notice or a fine of £1,000. Many have criticised the order, arguing that it unfairly penalises vulnerable people.

“I’m looking at you Hackney Council,” she wrote. “How could you do this to vulnerable people who need you the most? I can’t deal with your ignorance”. See the tweets in full below:


Then, in October 2015, Goulding called on the new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to help tackle homelessness, saying that she wanted to meet up with him to discuss the issue. She says that she’s been impressed with his politics since his unexpected rise to the top of the party.

“He is bringing some compassion back into politics,” she said. “I feel good about that. I’d really like to meet him and talk things over with him. But I think things look good.”

“As soon as I found out he didn’t eat meat it made me interested in him because I think it automatically shows an awareness of the world and it’s a type of compassion that I can relate to. It’s a sign that someone has escaped that ignorance of where their food comes from, and that’s really important,” she added.